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The General And The Ambassador Podcast

First-person accounts of US global interests via expert guest interviews lead by an experienced diplomat with her own point-of-view. Exclusive, first-person, interviews about newsworthy events pertaining to international relations, national security and diplomacy from top-ranking military and foreign service professionals who were there to witness and participate. Educational, enlightening and entertaining storytelling.

Latest Podcast Episodes

The Diplomacy Experts

Ambassador Deborah A. McCarthy is an international security strategist with over 30 years of experience in Europe, Asia and the Americas. She is currently a Board Member Academy of Diplomacy and a Visiting Fellow at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs. Ms. McCarthy serves on the Advisory Board of the Masters in Foreign Service Program at Georgetown University and on the Policy Council of the Una Chapman Cox Foundation.

The American Academy of Diplomacy works to strengthen American diplomacy. The small group of former senior ambassadors and leaders in foreign policy who constitute the Academy represent a unique wealth of talent — practitioners who have dealt with the toughest of real-world issues — dedicated to the core mission of strengthening American diplomacy.

The General and The Ambassador